Bad Memories

It is Crop-Over and it’s a time for fun, friends, and family.

I enjoy it as much as anybody else but as Smokey Burke is singing this year, it holds some bad memories for me.

There was a time when I had no friends, and my family didn’t want me. Yes I lived at home and had a roof over my head but there was no love in my house.

My mother and father were constantly quarrelling and my sister used to go by her boyfriend to get away, leaving me alone to put up with the two of them.

It is only when I finished and moved out that I realised what happiness was. I found friends who treated me with respect and we had fun together. We even travelled together and jump for Kadooment.

So every year at this time I remember being out of school and having to live in a loveless house and that wasn’t fun. If two people don’t love each other then they should not stay together for the sake of the children and material possessions.

Wishing I Could Forget


Since Yuh Asked, WICF, I really do understand what you are saying and recognise that the pain must have run deep because even now you still feel it. It just goes to show how true the song is — memories don’t leave like people do.

But I do believe that as is said, time does heal wounds and as you get involved in relationships and friendship that are filled with love, caring and respect those memories will recede farther. Unfortunately, the two people involved in your pain are your parents and since you will never forget them, the pain from their bad relationship will also never be too far removed.

So concentrate on today, on friendships, on dreams and aspirations, on working for your future, on being a good human being who feels the afflictions of others and your own pain will become less of an issue.

And do enjoy the festival.

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