New HIV application available to public

A new HIV knowledge based application, is now available to the public for download, complements the coordinating body of this island’s National AIDS Programme, the National HIV/AIDS Commission.

The user-friendly “HIV Explained,” will work on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. It features real time browsing of HIV related topics, facilitation of expert advice on HIV questions, videos and webisodes produced by the Commission, photo galleries of various HIV interventions and up to the minute notifications of HIV related news and events.

National HIV/AIDS Commission Director, Jacqueline Wiltshire Gay noted that “the app also has a built in feature which pinpoints on the map of Barbados testing centres across the island”.

According to her, the availability of such a comprehensive app at this time is a plus to the numerous prevention interventions the Commission executes. “This mobile application, is not only timely in Barbados’ efforts to continue to reduce the level of HIV infection through knowledge based avenues, but it is also in a format that almost all Barbadians can identify with, that is – Social media”.

“I would encourage Barbadians to navigate to the Commission’s Facebook page, click on the relevant smart phone link and download the application. Explore the application and through its feedback channels give us your thoughts on it,” Wiltshire-Gay said.

The mobile application “HIV Explained,” is one of the tools to be used as part of the Commission’s strategy this Crop-Over season, to have people more informed and to encourage them to always make sensible decisions as they enjoy the numerous Crop Over activities.

This first version of HIV Explained v1.0.0. was designed and developed by Barbadian IT consulting company Gemini Media Group.

Partner with GMG, Jamal Holder said “Gemini is committed to delivering cutting edge interactive media solutions such as this innovative HIV Knowledge based and development application and mobile services to respond to Caribbean societal needs.

In this regard, we specialise, but are not limited to application development for all major smartphone platforms, including BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. Our consultants have years of experience working with clients across North America, Africa and the Caribbean”. (NHAC)

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