Warner denies accusations

Jack Warner
Jack Warner

PORT OF SPAIN — Former Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West, Jack Warner, yesterday denied that he ever told Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bisessar that he and his family were the subject of an enquiry by the United States government.

Warner also denied that he is unable to travel, saying that he was in the US just last November.

“It is totally untrue. I repeat that the prime minister is the victim of a cabal and even now, I have no bitterness against the prime minister. My fight is against the cabal that has imprisoned her,” Warner said.

“I never told the prime minister that.”

Warner was responding to questions from the media at a graduation ceremony at the Dorman Nursery School in Felicity yesterday.

“I am sorry she has gone down to that level. I’ll maintain a very dignified level,” Warner said.

With 26 days of campaigning left, Warner said he was not surprised that the gloves seemed to be off already.

“It may get even worse, but I’ll tell you something, I will not reciprocate. After all, this is only the beginning, I ain’t hit the campaign trail yet and she has panicked and she panic too early. I have not peaked as yet,” he said.

“I am not saying anything negative about the prime minister. I will not do that, she could say what about me, I will not do that,” he said.

At the United National Congress Monday Night Forum in Caroni, Persad-Bissessar said Warner had admitted to her that he and his family were the subject of an enquiry by the government of the US into a range of corporate white-collar criminal offences under federal jurisdiction in the US, that he refused to travel on government business and had too many controversies hanging over his head.

“I was in Miami on November 25 last year. I spoke to the Prime Minister from there,” he said.

He described Persad-Bissessar’s comments against him as evidence of “panic” and promised that he would not respond in kind.

“But if I had panicked, I would not have behaved that way. But I have nothing to say against the prime minister,” he said.

Warner said as a member of the government, he was asked to travel to Canada, Rome, India and he refused.

“I said to them and I say again, I have travelled to 176 countries, some of them several times over, I have no intention to go in a plane again to take off my pants, take off my belt, hands up and so on, I not doing that,” he said, referring to strict security guidelines at most airports. (Express)

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