Satirical complaint letter to LIAT goes viral

ST. JOHN’S — A satirical letter to LIAT has gone viral and has been picked up by media houses as far away as Australia, India, the UK and the US.

The humorous complaint to the Antigua-based airline was written by tennis professional, Arthur Hicks.

It pokes fun at a flight, which saw him get off at six airports in one day on the way to his final destination.

The passenger said he was “patted down by a variety of islanders, each of the six times he landed — and when he finally arrived at his destination the last ferry had left.

The letter was published in the British Virgin Islands newspaper BVI Beacon in April, but it only received wider attention last Friday after being blogged about by founder of the Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson.

Sir Richard posted the letter on Facebook and with a note that said: “It is important to take feedback on board in order to improve and to be able to laugh at yourself.”

The post proved a hit with his more than 427,000 Facebook followers and was shared over 400 times.

ABC News, the Daily Mail, NBC, Fox News, the Washington Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, MSN, Yahoo, CNN, the Huffington Post, Newstrack India and the Miami Herald are among hundreds of media houses to have picked up on the LIAT complaint letter since Branson shared it. (Antigua Observer)

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