Poor service in Bim

Those of you who have travelled to other countries can confirm that the customer service that we offer here in Barbados is very poor. From the private to the public sector persons are complaining of the way they are treated when they enter many businesses.

What is so amazing to me is that we promote Barbados as a premier tourist destination but yet we are struggling to provide good customer service. So what really is the problem? Are many of us caught up with the pressures from home or other outside forces to cause us not to perform at our best when we are at work?

Or is it that some of us view our jobs as just a way to pay our bills and we are not concerned about the way we perform our jobs?

Being in the hotel industry for many years in the capacity of receptionist it pains me to have to go into many businesses that are known for poor customer service. As you enter, you are greeted by long lines, persons who look unapproachable and the telephones ringing with no one answering.

There is nothing wrong with having television campaigns depicting how persons should interact with each other but is anyone actually listening? The usage of cell phones on the jobs has become a norm as well as many workers participate in conversations that should be left for outside the workplace.

Some ringtones that you hear when you enter some establishments sometimes leave you to wonder if some persons do not know the button for vibrate. So what really can be done?

Employers need to take a greater interest in exactly what their employees are doing. Frequent checks of the way employees are interacting with customers and how the business is being portrayed should be a priority for every employers.

Word of mouth can hurt or help a company. We all need to realise the importance of always demonstrating good customer service.

Some of us at some points do not understand how to keep our personal affairs from our work environment. If something unfortunately happens at home we bring our emotions to work, which limits us from performing to the best of our ability.

I have always heard that a smile can warm a heart or lighten a room. Regardless of what you may be experiencing whether it be at home or work just smile. When you are hired to interact with customers on a daily basis you must always remember that your job is very important as you are the one who leaves the impression on each customer you interact with.

Take pride in what you do. Always remember that the chain is as strong as its weakest link. Each job is important whether you are a gas attendant or bus driver. In order to make any business successful we all need to work together and have positive attitudes. Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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