Look back, leap forward

Valedictorian Brianna Gittens accepting her bundle of prizes from Hazel Worrell.
Valedictorian Brianna Gittens accepting her bundle of prizes from Hazel Worrell.

Members of the graduating glass of the Bay Primary School were yesterday given useful direction on the importance of reflection while reaching towards their goals.

The advice came from Principal Mareion Gamble as she reminded them that they had the distinction of graduating on the 100th anniversary of the St. Michael School.

Directly addressing parents, she said: “You children are fortunate to be graduating at a memorable time — the 100th year of the school’s existence and as we urge them to look back and leap forward, we want them to use the legacy left by the former students as stepping stones as they reach forward to new opportunities.

“Many a lesson can be learnt from reflecting on the past, for we use the past to prepare us for the future… Your role therefore in the reflection process is to assist your children in using lessons of the past to help them achieve bigger and better things in the future.”

The veteran educator them added: “I therefore urge you to encourage your children/wards to maintain the high standards which were set by the Bay Primary and in leaping forward continue to build on them — standards such as prompt obedience, commitment to task, honesty, kindness and politeness.

“Provide the necessary guidance as you join them in embracing the unknown future of a technological age. At some times they may leap farther forward than you, but embrace the challenges while holding fast to those true values which will propel you both to new opportunities.”

While addressing the graduates directly, the principal pointed out that “it is the language of reflection that deepens knowledge of who we are and who we can be”.

“In other words, when you reflect or look back,” she said, “you get a picture of how much you have grown physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, which is preparation for the future. Undoubtedly, understanding the past prepares us for the future…

“At Bay Primary School, you have been exposed to many values, skills and concepts. These have been instrumental in shaping who you are today. I implore you to make good use of these as you leap forward.

“As you go forward, develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step in advancing brings you closer to achieving something bigger and better.”

The ceremony recognised the students for their performance in the Common Entrance Examination, including top girl, Brianna Gittens and top boy Akeel Johnson. (RRM)

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