Huge gun haul in Portland

KINGSTON — The Portland police yesterday seized 18 firearms and 1,279 rounds of assorted ammunition, believed to have been shipped from neighbouring Haiti, when they intercepted a minivan travelling in the parish yesterday.

The haul included 10 pistols, five revolvers, two shotguns and one Intratec 9mm pistol. Six men have been arrested in connection with the find.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell, who heads the Area 2 Police, lawmen — acting on information received on Monday — began their operation at about 10:15 am on the shores of Drapers in the parish where the two male occupants of a boat, including its captain, were arrested and the boat seized.

That operation led them on the trail of the minivan, which was intercepted in the Buff Bay area at about 12:30 p.m. immediately after it allegedly unloaded a container with the contraband. The four men on board were arrested and their cellular phones confiscated. The police said at least two of the men gave Kingston addresses.

Powell commended his team, which included members of the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard, for their effort.

“This is as a result of very hard work and the exercise of patience of the Portland police and I want to also commend the JDF coast guard in Portland for the work they have done in furthering this cause.

“We got some intelligence and launched an operation last night (Monday) and that resulted in the recovery today (yesterday). The men have shown tenacity, stuck to the task, shown great patience,” he said.

“The information we have is that these guns came from Haiti via the boat; they were unloaded and were on their way to Kingston. This is seen as a major dent in the drug-for-guns trade between Jamaica and Haiti,” he said. (OBSERVER)

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