Dare to dream

tpetgraduationssocietyPrincipal advises parents to continue to support their children during this transition period

Parents of students who graduated from Society Primary School this year have been reminded that they now have an even greater responsibility to stand by their children, as they enter secondary school.

In fact, Principal Wendy Blackman, as she addressed the school’s graduation ceremony at the Messiah’s House Wesleyan Holiness Church last week she stressed that the support would be especially necessary during the transition period.

“Parents, continue to support your children, especially during this period of transition,” Blackman said. “It is going to be hard as children are moving from this small school where everyone is just around the corner and easily accessible, into a big and unfamiliar environment with many new faces. It might be frightening at first and may cause some anxious moments.

“Thus, … support, encourage and be a tower of strength for your children/wards. This is a new beginning for your children; you must find time to help your children if you want them to succeed. Assist them in achieving their dreams.”

The principal, while speaking directly to the graduates, advised the to hold on to the values they cultivated at the rural school — but don’t fail to dream big.

“You have completed your tenure here at Society Primary and I hope that all the knowledge, experiences and values gained would serve as your base, as you continue your educational journey on to secondary school,” Blackman said.

“Keep your values in mind, believe in yourself, keep a positive attitude, make the most of your education. Follow what is right, make good choices. As the theme states “dare to dream”, that in no way means that you should “daydream”.

“Dream big! Follow your dream and you can become anything you want to be — a teacher, a lawyer, a mechanic or any other profession you choose…

“Remember to put God first in everything that you do and he will help you realise your dreams and aspirations.

“I have said many times, never be a follower; always try to be a leader. Don’t expect everyone to understand your journey, especially if they never had to walk your path.”

Seventeen students from the small school overlooking the historic Codrington College sat the Common Entrance Exam. One each will be attending school at Christ Church Foundation, Lodge and Springer Memorial, two each at St. George Secondary and Parkinson Memorial, four at Grantley Adams Memorial and six at Princess Margaret Secondary.

In his feature address, Pastor of Messiah’s House, Reverend Paul Worrell emphasised the importance of courage during challenges, as well as the need to dream and plan, noting that: “Successful people have a plan. Correct planning can make or break a project, so they try to be as well-organised as possible. Plan a route to get there. Write down what it will take you to reach your dream.” (RRM)

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