Awesome ministry


Simply awesome!

That was the response from patrons who attended the Angela Waithe Memorial Concert on Saturday at the Jackson Church of God.

Not only the performers Exalt His Name but so did members of the congregation who came out to support the fund-raising effort the proceeds of which go towards scholarships.

A joyful noise came from Chosen Vessel (Natalie Hoyte and Kelly-Ann Mitchell), Sirrah, Nica Jones, Elements of Judah, Karlos Cobham, Zena Mitchell, Raphael Saul, Ria Simone, Barry Reid, Alaina, Bishop and the Sunday School children who danced and signed.

Chairman of the Fund Committee, Marcia Waithe told Barbados TODAY that the concert was conceptualised by Pastor Patrick Drakes.

“Angela Waithe was a member of our church. She was Sunday School Superintendant, teacher, yoith advisor, Bible study leader, Women’s President. She was everything in the church and we wanted her name to live on. The funds go towards giving the children in the Sunday School Scholarships, for the past three years, we would have given scholarships to children at UWI, at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic and even secondary school. We also provide educational vouchers for the children during the summer. This year, we really would aim at giving two scholarships and for educational vouchers,” she said.

Angela was a teacher at several schools including Sharon and Eden Lodge Primary schools.

Marcia described her as someone who “gave of herself” to the community, the church and the classroom.

“She was a mother all of the children in the Sunday School. I came in because of her … She as a Minister wherever she went. She left two children and she has been a glowing example and left a tremendous legacy for everybody to follow. She made a tremendous impact and that’s why we don’t just give the scholarships to anybody. We want persons that would really live out her legacy as they accept the scholarships,” she said.

Marcia, who described the event as “an awesome ministry” noted the artists performed willingly.

Regarding the scholarship, she explained that applications have to be made, and the criteria include being an active member of the Sunday School, being a Christian, have a financial need and pursuing a course of study. Applicants also have to submit a performance report.

The other members of the Angela Waithe Memorial Fund Committee are: MacNeil Lashley, Shelly Springer, Tavia Drakes, Keisha Rock and Lester King. (DS)

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