Another one out

Oh dear now! Another one has pulled out and the whole thing is looking a bit open. I am talking about the soca and calypso competitions of course.

I for one don’t see the big deal but we Barbadians tend to make a heck of a lot about nothing. The whole thing can’t be blamed on the public because they can only react on what they are fed.

If artistes just go about their merry way as per usual and not be making big press releases about their involvement then what will happen is when the public sees they are not in then they will hear that they were not a part of the judging process.

As far as I am concerned, it is one’s prerogative to compete or not compete. There is no law that says you must. I could never get the logic behind it all when a big name decides not to compete. What is the big deal with it?

RPB has done it times over and so too did Gabby. Gabby was out for years and only returned in the late 1990s to win, in 1997 to be precise and then again he won in 1999 and 2000. He said he was done but was back to defend in 2001 when I won the title and he has since been in and out either on his own steam or just making the semi-finals on one occasion.

RPB has an even sketchier record dating back to the 80s and sitting out three consecutive years to then return and win in 2006. So it will have their fans a bit deflated but sorry to say, the fans don’t have the stress that they go through to prepare for the competitions.

Money is a huge factor and the feel to compete also. I must admit that I have considered not taking part a few times but have never missed a year since 1993. I was very fortunate in 2010 to not be a part of the tents until I was hauled in by tent management to come and sing for the judging. I had registered but not written a pang.

I scrambled together two songs made semi-finals and made finals to place second to Gabby with another new song I wrote after leaving Party Monarch finals the same week. Call it fortune or a driving will, but I did better than many who had an entire season to perform. I am not even too keen this season either but I am still here but who knows what tomorrow brings.

Having Ricky Reid and Edwin out of the soca competitions is again their decision and may have their fans wanting to stay home from the shows but the show is not Rick or Edwin.

Go to, have some fun, and celebrate the festival and support the others there. Maybe you can make another performer feel welcome and help build their fan base. If you want to play diehard fan then you have another thing coming, because they could be over and done with the competitions and you will be missing out on the great shows done by the rest of the islands talent.

What has me confused is how people are constantly asking for the “shareholders” to stop and give others a chance, which I see as a ball of sewage — for use of a more printable word. Now they are taking that out, it is a lot of talk as to why they should or shouldn’t.

For me I would be quiet and just not be there if I chose to because it is my choice. If I decide to go and do it year after year until I need wheelchair assistance then that is a matter for me too. Others will come and some will be better than who is there and knock them out. It will be a cycle.

If Bag, Gabby, Rick and Edwin chose to relax and beat fatigue or whatever the cause be, then they will be room for a new face to make semifinals or finals. More power to the competition as it will mean new interest is created.

So do go out and support the competitors and the possible king or queen in the making for the shows to come.

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