Residents told to resist toll increase

KINGSTON — One Portmore community leader has called for residents of the municipality to resist the impending toll increases.

Come Saturday, motorists using the Portmore leg of Highway 2000 will have to pay approximately 15 per cent more in toll.

It will cost 20 per cent more to use the Spanish Town leg of Highway 2000, 16 per cent more to use the May Pen leg and 12 per cent more to travel through the Vineyards toll plaza in St. Catherine.

The president of the Hellshire Park Estates, Leonard Cowan has described the move as unconscionable.

Cowan says Portmore residents should register their objection to the toll rate increases.

Howard Hamilton, the chairman of the Greater Portmore Joint Council, says while the increase is not acceptable, it is unavoidable and there is little Portmore residents can do about it.

However, Hamilton wants the government to address environmental concerns resulting from the construction of the highway.

Portmore residents have long been in battle with the government over the construction of the toll road, taking the government to court twice over the matter.

However, the residents lost on both attempts. (Gleaner)

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