Make use of opportunities

Alisha Smith, Nyeisha Jones, Rashanna Burt.
Alisha Smith, Nyeisha Jones, Rashanna Burt.

Graduates of a St. Michael primary school have been urged to be dedicated to success.

At the Westbury Primary School graduation ceremony today Principal Michael Alleyne said advised that the common entrance examination did not decide the future of anyone.

“It is an examination in which a failing grade does not exist. It is simply to my mind, an examination to allocate the students to a particular school, according to the choices made by parents and guardians. It has served our education system well.

“Of note is the fact that those who are calling for its abolition have not advanced a suitable alternative. The students look forward with glee to taking this examination and waiting to find out the name of the school at which they have been allocated. And you can imagine the anxiety of parents and of course teachers,” he said.

Alleyne suggested that the exam be extended to two days rather than subjecting the young ones to writing three papers in a three and a half hour period.

“Remember that in years gone by there was a part one and a part two which were held on two separate days,” he stated.

“I wish to encourage you to make full use of the opportunities the secondary education in Barbados offers you. I challenge you to be model students at your new school, always remembering that hard work will bring you success …

“Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behaviour positive because your behavior becomes habit. Keep your habit positive because your habit become values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny … Be responsive to sound advice, involve your parents in your decision making and let God be the guiding light in your life,” the principal said.

He reminded the parents that they were the first and most influential teachers, while mentioning the fact that research showed that families were important to children’s learning, their healthy development and success as school.

“Encourage them to set goals in each of their forms. Let them see the need to strive to develop their skills and potentials. Attend PTA meetings and get familiar with your child’s teachers, and foster a good relationship with them. When families are engaged in their children’s learning, not only do such students do better at school but the school becomes a better place for all children to learn.

“Parent I want to encourage you play a meaningful part in your child’s education at the secondary level and beyond. The family, school and community are inseparable when it comes to students’ success at school,” Alleyne stated.

The valedictorian was Headboy Tremaine Hinds who will be heading to Queen’s College come September.

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