Life before technology

Today we look back and wonder about life before many of today’s modern comedies. Some of us can still remember going to the public library to work on projects, others however simply laugh at this idea.

Today we have iPods which can hold thousands of songs and fit snugly into our pocket, but our parents would have grown up with an eight track holding just that — eight tracks.

Laptops and printers have replaced the extremely reliable typewriters and Wiki has surpassed the knowledge base of most encyclopedia sets.

Looking back on old technology always seems like fun and we tend to wonder if this is really what it was like for persons in the not too distant pass.

But have you ever wondered what forms of technology it seems we can’t live without today that your children or perhaps grandchildren will be giving you the Flintstone treatment over? Here is an interesting video I’d like to share with you which touches on this subject. The top five technologies which will become pointless sooner than you think.

Some of this I have touch on before, and some seem a bit of a stretch but a well-defended point brings me over to his side. So have a watch and enjoy.

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