Let your light shine

Deputy Headboy Antwone Sandiford receiving a trophy from past principal Wayne Drakes fro Most Outstanding Boy.

In this dark world, to “Let Your Light Shine” may seem difficult for many, but graduates of the Mount Tabor Primary School know how let their light illuminate the world.

At their graduation ceremony last Thursday, held at the Mount Tabor Moravian Church, Mount Tabor, St. John, Principal Trevor Waldron was a source of advice for the students on letting their lights shine.

“Let your light shine. Absorb as much knowledge, skills and attitudes as you can get at your new schools,” she advised. “Your secondary phase of education is critical if you want to advance to the next level. Waste it and you will have to work even harder to get back to that position that you may miss.

“My advice is therefore to work hard but also smart. Your school’s motto ‘Working Together to Help One Another’ offers good advice on how to work smart. Follow that advice and success will be ensured. Remember the advice as well of the wise old owl I told you about in Term One who lived in an oak: The more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. So graduands, listen more, observe more, learn more.”

The parents in turn were encouraged by the principal to support their children in all their positive endeavours. He urged them to attend the school functions of their children, guide their homework and to assist them with projects.

“Make sure you keep track of their friends and whereabouts and most of all do not make excuses for indifferent behaviour at any level. Set high standards and let them know you expect that standard to be maintained. Do not lower your standards parents to accept mediocrity from your children and encourage them to let their lights shine positively in whatever they do,” he added.

The valedictorian and Most Outstanding girl was Jorrisia Barnett, who scored 87 per cent in English and 88 per cent in Mathematics with a “B” for her Composition.

The principal reported that 26 students, 14 girls and 12 boys, wrote the examination, and all were allocated places in public secondary schools. He also identified Antwone Sandiford as the top boy in the examination, scoring 84 per cent in English and 77 per cent in Mathematics with a “C” for Composition. He will be attending the Lodge School in September.

“Outstanding performances in Composition were recorded by our Headboy Stefon Burgess with an “A” … (The Lodge school) and Ashanti Rose with an A (Deighton Griffith Secondary),” the principal added. “The following students also performed creditably in their Compositions with B grades — Our Headgirl, Lasonta Mascoll (Lodge school), Jonathan Evelyn (Lodge School), Kianna Butcher (Deighton Griffith Secondary) and Alisha Bushelle (Princess Margaret Secondary).

“One of our goals is to reduce the number of students scoring less than 30 per cent in both subject areas. We still have some work to do since five students scored less than 30 per cent in the English paper and six in the Mathematics paper. We will redouble our efforts for that challenge next year.” (MR)

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