‘Good Cop’ versus ‘Bad Cop’ label


Who’s Afraid?

We are aware of the so-called “good cop — bad cop” routine. Is it possible that our Minister of Education Ronald Jones is playing the part of the so-called “bad cop” while the Prime Minister is playing the part of the “good cop,” well — sort’a “good cop?” I wonder who’s afraid of the label?

Meanwhile, it looks as if there has been a role reversal between one Cabinet post and a non-Cabinet position. Remember when it was said that the Governor of the Central Bank was the creature of the Minister of Finance; now that it’s obvious that the Prime Minister is publicly taking advice direct from the Governor instead of the minister, looks like the minister is a creature of the governor, not so? Who’s running scared?

Okay, we have that magic number of some $400 million which is supposed to start us on the road to…? To: The Five Seasons, sorry Four Seasons; payments to the university; reimbursing NIS; monthly and weekly payments of salaries and wages; keeping government corporations afloat, etc. Where does the Government start to cut and thrust?

Ouch! Not here, not there, the Cabinet members scream as each defends his/her throne. No, Prime Minister, we are afraid. We are afraid of the people.

— Michael Rudder

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