For love of country

by Emmanuel Joseph

A grieving Haynes family at the graveside of Sir Richard Haynes this afternoon.
A grieving Haynes family at the graveside of Sir Richard Haynes this afternoon.

“Dad, you done well by many; you worked hard and we love you; may you rest in peace.”

Those solemn words ended a glowing tribute by Kashka Haynes, in honour of his late father, Sir Richard Christopher Haynes, who was laid to rest at the St. George Parish Church this afternoon, following an official funeral service in celebration of the life of the illustrious medical doctor and former minister of finance. Kashka told the packed church hall that included Acting Governor-General, Sir Phillip Greaves, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, other Government and Opposition Parliamentarians, members of the medical and legal fraternities and friends and well-wishers, that his dad possessed an unwavering commitment to his family, particularly his widow Lady Haynes and grandchildren.

“This has been a difficult period for our family, and the pain, although deep, has served to be a blessing by the overwhelming support we have received. With great sincerity, and on behalf of the entire Haynes family, I would like to thank you for your hugs, prayers, for your kindness, your encouraging and thoughtful words and in every other way, you have supported us,” he declared.

sirrichardhaynescasketstillHe said while those commenting in the media referred to his father as a very fine doctor, politician and debater, as children growing up they knew him as a “fine disciplinarian”.

“He was an intense and serious man,” recalled Kashka, one of three children from the late Sir Richard and Lady Haynes.

In his tribute, the grieving son noted that his father relished everything about politics and loved representing his former St. Michael South Central Constituency and constituents. He said he used politics as a tool to improve the lives of people and wanted to best for all Barbadians.

Friend and former medical colleague, Dr. Oscar Jordan, in the eulogy, suggested that the most significant achievement of Sir Richard, was his establishment of the Intensive Care Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Jordan said his colleague also brought the QEH up to the level of a modern leading hospitals and one with a respected reputation as a teaching clinic. The eulogist, who concluded his tribute in tears, told the congregation that when the history of Barbados is written, the name and life of the late medical specialist would loom large.

The funeral service was also punctuated by songs of praise for Sir Richard’s life and work including a stirring rendition of No More Nights by gospel singer/calypsonian, Sheldon Hope. During that song, some members of the audience, were seen weeping.

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