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Tiandra Holdip and Rishad Brathwairte both received The Samuel Squires Memorial Plaque for an outstanding performance in Mathematics in BSSEE
Tiandra Holdip and Rishad Brathwairte both received The Samuel Squires Memorial Plaque for an outstanding performance in Mathematics in BSSEE

The importance of collaboration between the school and home in the education of each child was emphasised today by Principal of the St. John’s Primary School, Wendy Antrobus.

While delivering her report at the school’s graduation ceremony for students who sat the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination, she drew attention to the fact that while a number of students performed well, in both English and Mathematics three students scored below 30 per cent.

“There is still a lot of work to be done to increase student achievement and to maintain consistency in our results,” Antrobus said.

“This success is dependent upon the teacher, the parent and the child working collaboratively to increase performance.”

At the same time, however, she publicly thank class teachers Patrick Yearwood, Victor Grant and Elvia Stuart “who worked tirelessly with the classes”.

“My sincere gratitude to all members of staff who have played a significant role in these students’ development and success throughout the years,” she added.

The principal reported that 14 boys and similar number of girls took the exam and all were awarded places at a secondary school, with Shonique Hinkson being recognised as the most outstanding students at the rural school. She scored 89 per cent in English, 77 per cent in Mathematics and an “A” in Composition.

The most outstanding boy was Mawali Knight, who recorded 93 per cent in English and 68 in Mathematics, with a “B” in the essay. Both Knight and Hinkson will be attending Christ Church Foundation School from September.

Principal Antrobus also singled out Tiandra Holdip and Rashad Brathwaite for praise as a result of their performances in the exam.

Then she advised the graduates: “You have come to the end of your primary education. I must urge you to continue working towards excellence. Build on your achievements and correct your mistakes to ensure greater success.

“Seek to improve study [habits]. Make every effort to gain improved learning and adopt positive attitudes.

“As you move on to secondary school you will be confronted with diverse challenges. Don’t give up! Make God the centre of your lives! Focus on your work and be aware of the company with whom you interact. Whatever school you attend, be disciplined and always let the element of excellence be evident.”

Antrobus also reminded parents that their involvement with their children’s education should include much more than financial support.

“This support must not only be financial, but should encompass the social, emotional and moral aspects,” she said. “Such support would enable them to develop a healthy self esteem. This could well assist in the diminishing of some of the nation’s social problems.” (RRM)

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