De Original Clarke Dan stole the show at Experience Tent last night.
De Original Clarke Dan stole the show at Experience Tent last night.

With the constant calls to move out of the box with Crop-Over offerings, one new local sensation is making a mark on the festival — however unassuming it might be.

The release of Condense, a soca spin-off of Porgie and Murda, the Bajan Youtube sensation that keeps ramping up hits, likes and shares via almost every social media platform available, has become so popular that the group in charge of the shorts says they plan to be very involved in Crop-Over.

It might not be in the form of music, but the short films, usually about 10 to 12 minutes long, have been gaining constant momentum and the group, which began as a musical unit called Most Wanted Entertainment, said Crop-Over will be a busy one.

“We are working on episode 9 and we have almost a full calendar for the Crop-Over season. The guys song is number one right now, Condense is number one. So we are working with that. Then we will go back into our sitcom, but we intend to be here for a long time,” said Charles Daddy Ince, the president and chairman of Most Wanted Entertainment.

“We actually plan to put Days of Our Lives on the shelf and take over that spot,” said CEO, Irwin Milla Redman, adding that it was their intention to go as far as they could incorporating their music into their skits and even further.

“The film is something we are looking into, we are still looking into that. We’ve hit a few snags there, but we are still looking at it,” Ince added.

The song Condense has likewise taken over many a party scene and is hot on the airwaves as well. Ince said they did a party and saw the response and then the juices started to flow and Condense was born.

“It was actually a good idea to do something for calypso, for Crop-Over. I had actually intended to do an episode where Crop-Over was concerned, so instead what we dis was Porgie, Saddis (Murda) got together and put it together,” he explained.

Redman said the tune was produced by Peter Coppin and Monstapiece.

“We is already family, so it was easy to put together de song,” he said. “We did the song with Coppin and two days later it went to number one.”

The group noted that Shane Porgie Reid, aka Lead Pipe has another song out this season under that alias, without the Porgie character, but which has not been as popular as Condense.

“We know that Crop-Over is not a long thing, it is a season and we will buckle down and get back into the sitcom after that,” said Ince, even as Redman noted that they were indeed planning for a major movie as well. (LB)

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