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Top boy Kobe Stephen
Top boy Kobe Stephen

The graduating class of a St. Matthew’s Primary School should be in no doubt today about the meaning of being “Guardians of Their Heritage and Craftsmen of Their Destiny”.

That’s because that was the message bound up in the theme of their graduation ceremony, held at Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St. Michael yesterday.

Principal of the school, Eleanor Brathwaite, in her report, told the students that education was the key which unlocked their world and operated as a  passport to their freedom.

“You have been afforded the foundation of your education here at St. Matthew’s Primary School and what a good foundation it has been…,” she said. “Remember the great moments you have experienced here, the classmates you met and shared with, those life lessons that you were taught here and the wisdom and knowledge you gained… Remember always to acknowledge and seek counsel from on high, always allowing our Lord and Saviour to direct your paths in all your ways.”

Featured speaker and Education Officer of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Peggy McGreary, told the students that crafting and shaping their destiny or future should be done along with their parents and teachers. She encouraged the parents to help their children to set their goals.

“Do not leave them alone to wonder what they want to do because they need that guidance, and children, you need to listen to your teachers and you need to listen to your parents once they are guiding you correctly.

“Just as our forefathers crafted and built the historic buildings and monuments which stand strong and tell of our great history, you too can craft a future or destiny for yourself,” McGreary stated.

In stressing the importance of education to the 42 graduates, the education officer said that there were thousands of older Barbadians who would love to have received the education which younger people so often took for granted. McGreary informed that there were children in other areas of the world who would have come to the end of their educational life upon completion of primary school.

You have the ability to graduate from primary to many secondary schools and you can even further your knowledge… Some of you may not have reached the school that you would have liked, but whatever school you go to, you are going to be required to write CXC exams whether you go to a not-so-popular secondary school or an older grammar school,” she said.

McGreary told the graduates that their education needs to be crafted and designed to seek the destiny and heritage that they want to leave behind for their family. (MR)

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