Radical artistes

They consider themselves radical and controversial Christians and by extension, gospel artists.

Twenty-seven-year-old Larix, best known for her hit release, Good Morning and 26-year-old Nicovia, who is acknowledged for her popular New Day,SNbStold High Note they have no problem singing at secular events or singing songs not considered gospel. However, there are conditions attached to this position.

Nicovia and Larix insist that the secular event must be carefully selected and must be for a worthy cause. And as far as the “non-gospel” songs are concerned, the two talented young women have made it clear, that the lyrics must be justified, speak to the love of God and must be honest.

There is no real limitation either to the genre of music they perform, agreed the Christian vocalists who recently formed a unique musical collaboration which they referred to as a unified individuality. Noting that this partnership was not a duet or a Mary Mary type act, Nicovia clarified:

“So the idea is, we keep our identity as artists. We are not going to become like a duo. We are not going to be another Mary Mary. We are going to be Larix and Nicovia. Larix is going to do her songs, I will do background on her songs along with the band, and I will do my songs in my style and same thing.”

“And then we might have some songs that we actually do… We have songs where we have put our own material together and that will continue to happen more as we write more together,”added Larix.

Speaking to High Note during a recent interview at the Audiation Studios on 2nd Avenue Godding Road, Station Hill, St. Michael where both artists were working on their upcoming two-in-one album, Larix, the more talkative one, gave a sneak look into that pending release.

“Well I will leak a little bit of it. It’s going to be two discs, but one package. And there is going to be something on both discs that’s the same. That’s a little riddle. Anybody who knows me, would know that I talk like that. It’s going to be a two-disc album and we decided to put … the track, well the main track that we’ve done together for the past while … we decided to put that on both CDs, that no matter which one you are playing, you have that,” Larix disclosed.

The title track, she pointed out, is called Smash Up. Why smash up, we asked.

“Because it’s like a sandwich,” Nicovia responded. But in seeking to expand on her friend’s terse reply,” Larix intervened. “So, Good Morning, which is my song and New Day, which is her song, you know artists do some strange things at rehearsals. Sometimes it might be because of a mistake and other times we might decide to take said mistake, and make it a song. So we just kind uh flowed one evening. I can’t remember how long ago it was, but we kind uh just merged different aspects of each song and made it into a combination (song).”

She said the melodies were also “smashed up”.

“And the thing is,” continued Nicovia, “our songs were in the same key. We didn’t write them together, but they are in the same key and they have a similar message.”

She also saw the collaboration as an easy process, in that both of them have had a great chemistry and synergy for a long time now.

In fact, Nicovia recalled their deep friendship going back years.

“Well, I have been singing with Larix for a number of years, out of the Rugged Royal Family … that’s basically where I got my start as an artiste. Larix taught me a lot; so we kind uh ended up singing together,” remembered the full- time gospel singer.

“I used to drop her home a lot so we used to be driving home listening to all sorts of music and just singing and harmonising together. So through that, we kind uh have a musical bond and that has transferred to the stage. I started a band about a year ago, and the band is called New Day. And we kind uh drafted in her (Larix) to come and sing with us.

“It’s like … and they were learning all of our songs and everything, so now we just kind uh roll together, straight.”

Their goal is to be extraordinary Christian artists rather than functioning within what people may consider ordinary or normal.

“We gine be beyond that. God calls us to be beyond that, so that’s our goal. So if people want to call that radical, if people want to call that controversial … yes we are (controversial). The truth is the truth, is the truth, right?” both echoed.

Apart from her Good Morning hit, Larix has released three tracks so far within the last two years or so.

“Good Morning being the second of those tracks; the first one would have been But Still, which was done at another studio and Fall, would have been the last track that I released within the last year or so.”

“So far,” Larix told this paper, “that’s all that’s been released on the airwaves, but everything else I decided to hold back by working on the albums, and then it just worked out that I was supposed to be releasing another one and it didn’t work out, so that’s going to be on the album as well.”

Nicovia on the other hand has only done one solo commercial recording — New Day — released in 2011.

“It’s been a while, but I an coming back with more songs.”


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