Great need for collaboration

President of the Barbados Manufacturers Association, David Foster

Stating that Bajan manufacturers produce more than believed, President of the Barbados Manufacturers Association, David Foster this morning called for greater collaborations between respective producers.

Addressing exhibitors, sponsors, dignitaries and the media at the opening of BMEX 2013, Foster said the Expo provided an opportunity to discover the products that too many were not even aware were produced here.

“BMEX provides the opportunity for people to come face to face with the reality that we produce more than they think and that we can look inwardly more and more for the things we need.

“Constantly we are being reminded that there are so many great products out there, but there is need for assistance in packaging, presentation and for a forum to display these products so that they can get some well-deserved recognition and much needed sales from these products. Not only do newly developed products shine at BMEX, but also tested products which lack in marketing budget or expertise to ensure presence and awareness in the market,” he said, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Under the theme, Explosion of Bajan Spirit, Foster said the expo provided a triple threat — benefit for the public, for the manufacturers and businesses and benefits for the hosts of the expo.

It also created a spirit of cooperation, through various sponsors as well as exhibitors joining together to form areas like the furniture and soft furnishings display, he said as he challenged manufacturers to seek out more partnerships themselves.

“This weekend one will also experience the spirit of creativity, from fashion to furniture to accessories. The designs and creativity on display are quite impressive. The market has made its demand and the manufacturers and producers have responded positively. The number of pavilions also demonstrates this creativity,” he suggested.

He added: “From a business perspective, the one thing that the BMA has been seeking to advance with the manufacturers and producers is the need to produce synergetic relationships and to collaborating for overall strengthening.

“When you look at the yearly developed furniture and design pavilion you can see a blend of hard and soft furnishings which clearly demonstrates the need for designers and producers to work together to deliver the most attractive and appealing products.

“There is great need for collaboration and BMEX offers great opportunities for businesses to work together and to develop those strategic partnerships going forward,” he stated.

He said BMEX 2013 was scheduled to be innovative, enjoyable, with several new initiatives, one of which was the relaunch of the Barbados Community College’s fashion portfolio, and guests this morning were treated to a teaser of what to expect over the next three days. (LB)

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