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Top Boy Tyrese Neblett
Top Boy Tyrese Neblett

The students of Hillaby Turners Hall Primary School have been reminded that they must value the education they are being provided with at the expense of others in the society.

The advice came yesterday from their Principal Charles Hinds, as he spoke at the annual graduation exercise, held at the St. Thomas Parish Church before an audience that included President of the Senate Kerry Ann Ifill, who delivered the feature address.

“You have come to the end of your primary education,” Hinds said. “It will officially end on July 4, 2013. Now begin a new journey. You will quickly realise that what you have been taught at Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary School is needed so that you can succeed at your secondary school.

“Some of you can’t wait to say goodbye to primary school and its restrictions, but I have news for you — secondary school is different from primary school but some things will not change.

“But you will still have to focus on your work. You will still have to be respectful to teachers and other adults. You will still have to avoid bad company. You will still have to work with students in groups.

“I urge you therefore to remember that each adult present here is paying for your secondary education and we will be real vexed if you waste this opportunity. Boys and girls, a good education is still important if you want to succeed in your adult life.

“As the Mighty Sparrow says: ‘Children, go to school and learn well. Without an education in your head your whole life will be pure misery, you better off dead. There is simply no room in this whole wide world for an uneducated little boy or girl. Don’t allow idle companions to lead you astray, to earn tomorrow you have to learn today’.

“Graduates, the trick is to avoid the pitfalls, seize the opportunities and do not stay out late at night when you should be beating the books.

Finally, keep God in your life. Attend church and get involve in church activity. It will help you to be a better person and as you are faithful to God, He will give you great success.”

The principal reported that of the 59 students who sat the Common Entrance Examination, 38 were allocated to “older secondary schools”. Tyrese Neblett was the most outstanding boy, with 86 per cent in English and 87 per cent in Maths, while Adanna Watson was the most outstanding girl with 86 per cent and &84 per cent in English and Maths respectively.

He also told his audience that the school’s overall performance continue to improve in relational to the national mean.

“I congratulate each boy and girl for making the effort to do well,” Hinds said. “I am particularly proud of the dedication of each of their class teachers at each stage of the journey to ensure students mastered the many concepts and that of other teachers who interact with them providing encouragement and guidance so that a well-rounded child would graduate from Hillaby Turners Hall Primary School.” (RRM)

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