Dream, work and achieve

Valedictorian, RayVonn Devonish with all of her prizes and trophy for academic excellence
Valedictorian, RayVonn Devonish with all of her prizes and trophy
for academic excellence

Most wish that dreams would become reality through magic. However, Principal of the St. Alban’s Primary School, Angela Ramsay, reassured her graduates of 2013 that they only occur through strength, determination and hard-work.

At the graduation ceremony today, held at the The Garden Church of God in St. James, the principal told the students of the Lower Carlton institution that the theme, “I Dream, I Work, I Achieve” would be considered a perfect selection.

“I challenge you to keep your dreams alive whatever those dreams maybe, you might have asked yourself the question what is my passion, what is it that keeps coming into my mind, whenever I think about,  what I want to do in life? I want you to know that writing [down your dreams] is but the first step in achieving them,” Ramsay said.

“There will be people who will discourage you when you voice your goals, those people will always be there, ignore them. Some of them will tell you that you will never be able to be what you want to be, but it depends not on them but on you. So try not to allow such persons to distract you. Always attach yourselves to positive friends who will encourage you,” she advised.

“Ever so often over the next few years, I hope that you will look back at the goals that you have set yourself and look back and measure how you are meeting those achievements.”

The principal stressed that their was no doubt in her mind that all her graduates had a great future ahead and that great things were awaiting them. The combination of hard work with determination, she said, amounted to a powerful tool that would be needed to help them to succeed.

She reminded them of the words of late United States First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

The most outstanding boy was Daniel Joseph and the most outstanding girl was Raquan Devonish who both scored 80 per cent and over in both English Language and Mathematics. (MR)


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