Come see our work

by Chanet Morris

Assistant Chanét Morris pointing out the students’ work.
Assistant Chanét Morris pointing out the students’ work.

This week Little By Little pre-school and nursery held its Open Week, showcasing the students’ artwork, class work and homework projects for parents, family friends and the students and teachers of other classes.

The work was based on the theme “A Kaleidoscope of Colours” and was hung on the walls throughout the nursery, among gardens made of Bristol board, oceans made of torn blue plastic bags and learning charts with colours, shapes, numbers, letters, animals and more.

During the school term the students, ranging from ages one to four, did class work that taught them the names of colours, how to colour and how to vividly describe items using colours. Class work included pencil to paper exercises, oral exercises, as well as painting and using toys such as blocks for effective learning.

For reinforcement, parents were given the task of preparing an at-home assignment, and assisting the children in a project based on “A Kaleidoscope of Colours”. Projects submitted included collages, paintings, art with glitter and even three-dimensional pieces. Some were of land or beach themes, others displayed farm life, and some were simply colourful, abstract pieces.

The teachers proudly displayed each student’s work in their classrooms and welcomed parents and friends with walk-through tours of the school all week long. The children too were proud of their work, as the teachers had a hard time keeping them from tugging at their masterpieces.

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