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Valedictorian Amicha Coward appears pleased with her trophy for academic excellence.
Valedictorian Amicha Coward appears pleased with her trophy for academic excellence.

The truth of the statement, “The reality of Tomorrow is for Today’s Children”, was specially emphasised this morning.

The occasion was the annual graduation exercise of the West Terrance Primary School at the Western Light Church of the Nazarene, Oxnards, St. James, where it formed the theme.

Featured speaker, the Reverend Andre Symmonds, spoke about the fact that life was a journey and told the graduating class they must learn to be vigilant, aware and attentive.

“You have got to be the best that you can be! Guard your heart, … remember that hurt people hurt people and you are not who people say you are but who God says you are. You have to be who the perfect one says you are — those people did not create you.”

The minister stated that one day they (the graduates) would have to speak up and stand up for the truth.

“When everyone and everything is saying do what is popular or easy,” he advised, “you will say ‘I will do what is right even despite what others and other countries may say and do’.”

Symmonds added that the reality for tomorrow from today’s children would have to start today.

Principal Beverly Burrowes, in her report, told the children that although they came to the end of primary education they should remember to trust in the Lord with all their hearts and to lean not on their own understanding because the Lord is there to direct their paths, however different secondary school become in comparison with primary school.

Representative from the Ministry of Education, Gertrude Welch, urged the graduates to be diligent about their work because that was the only way they would guarantee excellence and success.

“Always do your homework, whether or not homework has been set, eat healthy and choose your friends carefully. [Remember] to find time for recreation, enjoy your childhood and practice praying… The future depends on what you do today,” she said.

Valedictorian, Amicha Coward, told fellow graduates that with hard work ahead of them all, they must be ready for the challenges.

“We must strive, learn and build a wonderful life for those around us. Excellence and success come only through diligence. Remember to reach for the stars!” Coward admonished. (MR)

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