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ScreenplayScreenplay Advertising takes your message to your customers in the places that they go to naturally and frequently. The basis for this approach is called “life pattern marketing”.

Like the name suggests it focuses on our patterns of behaviour to isolate the places we visit with a “high dwell time”; essentially a new way to deliver advertising to people where they work, play and socialize. These places are very familiar to all of us especially when we pause for a moment to think of those places where we are acutely aware of the passage of time. The doctors office, the bank, the supermarket checkout line, the automart.

These places of high dwell time that fall into our natural life pattern is the perfect opportunity to deliver a message to a brain that has slipped into neutral for a few seconds before it rejoins the crush of life as we know it.

It’s the stereotypical definition of a captive audience. While you wait your eyes just can’t resist the the allure of the display. The colours are sharp, the on-screen activity is constant, the variety is eclectic and just as importantly there is very little else to do. So you watch.

Add the benefit of directional audio and the science to capture the number of eyeballs that look at the screens and you have a formidable combination of an attractive medium and insightful analytics.

Screenplay maintains a public network of 92 screens. This public network is where your message can be seen in many of these “high dwell time” areas. But if you have a “high dwell time” business you can up-sell or cross-sell your customers on other products and services by turning your TV into a messaging board or through your own private radio network where you control the music and the ads.


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