Walrond being honoured for contribution

tonydecheermanwaldronFor several years, Anthony Walrond has been contributing to the Crop-Over festival with his pen.

He has written songs for Red Plastic Bag, John King and Adrian Clarke and while today he tends to write for the members of the Stray Cats calypso tent.

This year, he will be recognised by the National Cultural Foundation during the Republic Bank Crop-Over Opening Gala and Ceremonial Delivery of the last Canes in Queen’s Park.

During an interview with Barbados TODAY ahead of the opening of the tent, he said it was an honour to be with the St. Philip based tent.

“Last year I did a wonderful job although I don’t think the judges really thought the same thing I did but I never get deterred. I’ve been accustomed to success and failure and I intend to see the Stray Cats get the recognition that it deserves,” he said.

“I’m also being honoured this year by the National Cultural Foundation for song writing. I have been writing songs since 1982 starting with Bag and every year I have been writing, I’ve never missed a year. This is 31 consecutive years I have been writing and I and really honoured and humbled by the NCF’s recognition and I hope this will also contribute to the success of the Stray Cats tent this year,” Walrond, who uses the moniker De Cheerman, noted.

When he performed at the tent’s opening and again on judging night which was Tuesday at the Crane Resort, he sang Tribute To Vagina, a song he said scared the younger artists and Reparations or What. (DS)

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