More material needed for calypsos

cropover2013talkerEnough of the bumper songs, it’s time for the young calypsonians and soca artists to find other subjects, says veteran calypsonian Stalker.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY he said it was time to move away from having songs written only for the six weeks of the Crop-Over festival.

“The songs don’t really live long after Crop-Over. I guess the older calypsonians write differently so their songs can last for years. If you hear Serenader Steel in Dey or Jogging of Adonijah’s Woman that’s the big difference,” he said.

And although he has been away from the Crop-Over stage for seven years, he is willing to help them hone their craft.

“Not many come to me but I do give a little advise to some of them sometimes but I’ve never had many come to me and asking me questions. Wherever I can I would give advice to some of the younger ones.

“In the tent a lot of youngsters come to me and ask for advice, they say I was around long so they do come and ask questions and even some of the older people in the tent ask what’s going on, how should I do this, how should I do that,” said Stalker, who is a member of the Kingdom of Super Gladiators.

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