More cameras needed in Montego Bay

Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay.
Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay.

KINGSTON — Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, ACP Devon Watkis has re-emphasised the need for public and private sector partnership to improve the recently installed Closed Circuit TV system in Montego Bay and other areas of the island.

“We need to continue to expand the installation of Closed Circuit TV systems. In a number of instances the current opportunities can be expanded with good support from the public,” ACP Watkis declared.

A similar call came from Everton Stewart, Project Manager, Modernisation Initiatives and Special Projects in the Ministry of National Security, earlier this year. He urged the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other stakeholders to partner in the improvement of the recently installed CCTV system in Montego Bay . Implementation work on that project started in 2008, and was completed in December last year.

Speaking in February, at a MBCCI monthly meeting, Stewart revealed that the Montego Bay system had 19 cameras. However, he noted that the $50-million system is designed to accommodate another 45 cameras.

Stewart said at the time that private companies will have the option to connect their CCTV to the system but hastened to add that the system must meet “certain specification requirement of the ministry (of national security)”.

“It cannot be any system that you have at your private place to hook it up. Because most of these systems that I have seen around, it cannot recognise anybody’s face, you cannot recognise a licence plate of the vehicle. So it has to meet certain specifications to be hooked up to our system so you can have 24-hour surveillance from the security,” he said at the time. (Observer)

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