First timers stand out

by Donna Sealy

cropover2013tomorrowschildrenNine performers faced the Party Monarch judges last night at De Village Gate in Waterford last night.

It was the turn of Tomorrow’s Children De Partee People to show the six member panel, led by Chief Judge Leslie Lett, why they should be among the nine artists to go up against defending monarch Mikey.

While first timers Trinelle, Vinny and De Cleaner stood out among the contenders for the most part, there was a lot of noise and little substance as the usual themes of wukking-up, bumpers, drinking and partying were worked to death.

However, Trinelle’s treatment of partying was not new but it was different as was Vinny’s when he sang It’s Okay. His song simply said it was okay to have fun on Kadooment Day to wuk-up. Trinelle appeared in “costume” when she sang Full Circle. They can both sing and used that to their advantage.

De Cleaner, who judged with Ah Sticking It got a deserved encore. The melody was catchy and the lyrics were not out of the ordinary as he sang about sticking now, forever and round and round.

De Torch might need someone under to light something under him that would keep him in time with the band while 74-year-old Cut Loose was in fine form. He showed so signs of slowing down when he performed She Don’t Want Me Back.

Fearless threw down the gauntlet to defending Party Monarch Mikey given the Lil’ Rick is not competing this year and he and Blood are a team when he sang We Wild Out. Some members of the audience were left wondering what he meant as he moved across the stage with his dancers.

Matrix should have Stomped off the stage after he started the first note. The best thing about his performance (?) was his black and green sneakers.

De Disciple and Jude sang My Wish and Sell Out in the first half.

What the tent’s management did was give patrons a taste of what the contenders for Pic-O-De-Crop are offering this year.

Performances also came from Stalker, Tall Boy, Mhizz-Z, On Target, De Cleaner, Wizard, De Disciple , Lord Prince, Jude, Apollo, Trinelle, Sir Vincent.

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