Dream, believe, achieve

Top Girl and Deputy Headgirl -Shachia Small.
Top Girl and Deputy Headgirl -Shachia Small.

The idea and possibility of dreaming, believing and achieving took centre stage at the Belmont Primary School’s graduation ceremony.

The ceremony, held at the Accra Beach Hotel and Spa on Rockley Main Road, Christ Church, was punctuated with valuable advice from principal of the school, Pamela Ifill. She told the graduating class of 2013 that as they take the next step up the educational ladder, they could expect to experience many challenges.

“We here at the Belmont primary School have helped you to develop a sound foundation on which you can continue to build,” she said. “Remember to put God first in all you do, for you can accomplish anything you dream of through His strength.

“Dream big, for those are the only kinds of dreams worth having. Believe in yourself, knowing that there is no limit to what you can achieve if you put your all into accomplishing your goals. As your school motto challenges, Aim High, never settling for mediocrity, but rather always strive for excellence.

“Apply this to your school work, your deportment and behaviour, and even in your choice of friends. This formula guarantees that you will achieve success,” she urged.

The parents too were advised to continue to teach their children values. They were told to ensure that their children do their homework and submit assignments on time.

“Monitor their after-school activities and get to know their new friends. Support their new schools and foster a relationship with their teachers. Above all, continue to believe in their potential, and help them to understand that by God’s grace, they can achieve anything they dream of,” she stated.

Valedictorian and Deputy Head Girl, Shachia Small, will be attending The St. Michael School come September and top boy, Robali Sewitt, will be joining the roll at Harrison College. (MR)

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