Deputy PM: No one is safe from crime

Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis
Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis

NASSAU — Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis said the attack on his police aide on Monday sends the message that no one in The Bahamas is safe.

Sergeant Andrew Sweeting was shot in the abdomen and hand during a botched armed robbery in Gleniston Gardens just before 10 a.m.

Davis said it speaks to the high level of criminal activity.

“[Crime] is still unacceptably high and what it tell us is that none of us are safe from what is going on in our country today and it means that all of us must come together again to make a concerted effort to stop this scourge of crime,” said Davis as he headed into a Cabinet meeting.

Davis said he visited Sweeting on Monday.

“I have spoken and seen him,” he said. “He’s in good spirts. He is going to be well. His injuries are not life threatening. I thank God he is still with us today.”

Sweeting was not with Davis at the time of the attack.

Davis said Sweeting was preparing to pick him up from the airport when he was shot.

The deputy prime minister returned to New Providence on Monday from a trip to London.

“[Sweeting] was at home readying the vehicle to come get me,” Davis said. “He said he was cleaning the car to come to collect us and that’s when the incident happened.”

Asked about Sweeting’s condition, Davis said he is recovering from the stomach surgery he underwent on Monday.

However, Sweeting remained in serious but stable condition.

Police said they have three suspects in custody in connection with the shooting.

The suspects, ages 36, 23, and 18, all of Nassau Village, were arrested on Monday afternoon.

Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade told reporters on Monday that two assailants walked up on Sweeting as he was standing near the vehicle.

“He was on duty… at a residential area when these two assailants approached and asked him to free up, meaning they wanted to rob him,” Greenslade said.

“Of course, Officer Sweeting was in possession of a hand gun. He attempted to withdraw his service weapon to engage the suspects who were obviously armed. Gunshots rang out and Officer Sweeting was hit twice and the assailants then ran off.”

Both Davis and Greenslade said they had no information to suggest that Sweeting was targeted.

In April, Superintendent Clayton Fernander was shot in a reported armed robbery outside his home in southern New Providence.

Greenslade said yesterday that Fernander was still at home recovering from his injuries.

“He’s doing fine,”‚Greenslade said. “He’s still got a long way to go in recovery, but he’s going to be ok. Therapy takes a while.”

Greenslade said he is unsure when Fernander will be able to return to active duty. (Nassau Guardian)

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