Common sense needs to prevail

In response to your story headline Rights fear, I state: Businesses or business owners cannot always predict or project what the market will be like, especially in these harsh economic times.

The Government cannot seem to get it right either, in the society we live in and knowing the kind nature of Bajans no businessman ever wants to send home or lay off workers. But the reality of the matter is due to the economic situation plaguing many businesses its seems to be inevitable that these measures will take effect .

With all due respect to the laws pertaining to giving six weeks notice, it was in my opinion haphazardly introduced without much thought from the point of the employer and strictly favoured the employee.

Common sense needs to prevail in respect of the different circumstances when it’s deemed necessary to terminate or lay off workers , but common sense seems to be a very rare commodity when these situations arise.

Businesses are struggling to meet commitments as it is, but the perception is “as long as you own or manage a business you have money”, but the workers sometimes have no concept what it takes to run a successful business and meet commitments and be able to make sure that wages are there when payday comes.

My advise is simple: If you think it’s easy to run a business, open one.

— Jean-Marc Cozier

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