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There is a difference between the right thing and the good thing.

I have met a lot of people who do what would appear on the surface to be the right thing, but it many cases it can qualify on no level as the good thing and vise versa.

If you volunteer and pass the rest of your time on earth collecting funds to assist the less fortunate that is a good thing. But when you curse people because they do not respond readily to the cause you are championing; is that the right thing? How good is that?

I honestly believe we need to start thinking about each other in a loving and caring way. Too many persons in our community appear to be doing what is right, pretend to be doing something good; but the aim is simply for self-gratification – to look good and to get the praise.

My real beef with this is that the people doing the real “donkey work” as my grandmother would say, don’t get any recognition.

I must point out here that the Church is a culprit in this area as well.

Let us take dress, for instance. If you are comfortable with your breast falling, you backside hanging out and other parts of you exposed, I honestly think something is serious wrong with your head.

However, we have this prevailing attitude toward how people dress that is an obsession.

You have to dress a particular way to go to church, you have to dress a particular way to go to work and shopping, partying, and picnicking fall into a category as well.

So if I am wearing a short pants and a polo or T- shirt as a priest, a sales clerk, a loans officer or anyone in a ‘Government job’ I can’t be taken seriously because that is not work attire. I must say this really upsets me, especially in a Christian society.

We might be Christian, but many of us are still in Egypt as slaves – Moses ain’t get to us as yet. We might be living Christian lives but the teachings of Christ are not our rule of thumb. Clearly we celebrate Independence but our minds are shackled and colonised in ways that our forefathers could not even fathom.

Let us be Christian – the Jesus we try to force down the throat of everyone else as the way, the only way, the truth, the only truth and the life had a very unique way of ministering. He met people where they were. We walk through a few communities and we invite people to church and tell them about the love of God and we think that we are Christian.

What we miss is that He did not only meet people where they were, we accepted them for all that they were and because of the love they experienced change came about.

But we have the tail wagging the dog and expect results.

I am familiar with a priest who spent almost five years poking and prodding at some young men, having invitation after invitation to attend worship turned down. During this time he got to know them and they got to know him. That relationship culminated with them accepting an invitation and attending, or should I say attempting to attend worship. When they entered the church in their jeans and tee shirts, they were physically pushed outside but older members of the church who were of the opinion that that type of individual had no place in church — Sorry! Their church.

Even if we are not Christian, let us be practical. What place does a suit and tie have in the everyday life of a Barbadian unless we are geographically located between Ireland and England? The thing is, if a person wants to wear a suit, that is his choice and if he does not, that too is his choice. But we have a thing for cloth, so the more you are wearing the more acceptable you are.

And then we kick up big fuss about stamping out discrimination. Nonsense! We play games with the issues depending on who are being affected.

We need to be “totally Christian”. Too many of us are 1/7 of a Christian. When we become totally Christian we will be more loving and we will not dress to offend anyone or believe we need “show it off” — whatever it is.

But more importantly we will not think that we are so righteous that we can say whatever we want to whoever we think it should be said to, despite where we are.

Just this week I saw a prominent promoter in a financial institution walk up to a pregnant woman and bawl her out because of how she was dressed. Quite frankly I saw nothing wrong with the woman’s attire and added to that, she is pregnant and outside was very hot. It was awful.

We don’t know what that woman is going through. Many of us are just very insensitive creatures pretending to be good, caring and upright citizens.

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  1. Louis Berard July 31, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    You are right to a certain extent, that modest dress, whether jeans or dress clothes should not be an issue. But if someone (female or male,) is dressed with too much skin showing, this is not the way to worship God, and fellowship with believers. And I would agree, Bawling out some woman in public is not what we should be doing. It seems though, that people (speaking as an American,) are very afraid of making behavior demands on people these days. If you are going to worship Jesus, where is your heart? Why would you want to dress sexually provacitively? Answer; because your heart is not right with God, and you need to repent. Other believers have a right to call someone on this. You said; ” What we miss is that He (Jesus) did not only meet people where they were, he accepted them for all that they were and because of the love they experienced change came about. You’ve got a couple things wrong. Jesus didn’t “accept people as they are.” That is a very popular and wordly idea, and not a biblical idea. Jesus preached repentenance and to Follow Him, which was a MAJOR change of life and lifestyle to everyone he met. From the woman at the well, whom he told, “go and sin no more” and the adulterer who he told the same and added;,..”lest something worse happen to you”..! or to the pharisees, who he rightly called them on their un-godly hearts and behavior. His was a loving, yet absolute call for people to conform to him! Our God said; ‘”Enter through the narrow gate…The road to life is hard, and FEW will find it!”, ” Yes not dressing your best will not prevent fellowship with God, and shouldn’t invite scrutiny from other believers. However, there is an un-godly way to dress. ” What does darkness have in common with light…” This is an issue that should be addressed. Now, having agreed on the issue of dress,(as long as it is modest,) I have asked myself this;” If I would dress my best, if invited to some social function to meet people or honor people, why would I dess less than my best, when I go to worship and honor the God of the universe. who humbled himself and took my punishment? Though not a salvation issue, it is something to think about, as far as where our hearts are.


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