Another step up

Valedictorian Daniel Rowe with his plaques for academic achievements.

“For the future to become a reality … it must first become the present.”

This was emphasised to the graduates of the Milton Lynch Primary School today at the Christ Church Parish Church Centre, Church Hill, Christ Church.

Featured Speaker and entertainer, McDonald Fingall reassured them that secondary education was just another step and that they have been taking steps from the time they were born.

Fingall who injected humour into his speech many times also advised the students that they should meditate on the graduation theme — “The right focus today, a bright future tomorrow.” He informed them of his experience dealing with a group of prisoners and that the lesson learnt by one prisoner was that “Weak men fight and strong men walk away [from conflict]”.

The entertainer and retired veteran teacher urged the boys to try to get rid of the “slavish mentality” which still plagues many of those from the black race and to understand their value in the world.

“Aristotle said, we are what we repeatedly do: Are we in the habit of striving for excellence?” Fingall asked.

He noted that attitude determined a person’s aptitude, and added: “Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by outward behaviour, People always project on the outside what they feel on the inside. Some people try to fool others, but that cover up does not last long because truth always wriggles its way out. Your attitude colours every aspect of your life… It can paint everything in bright colours like a masterpiece or it can make very thing dark and dreary,” he said.

Representative of the ministry of education, Juniour Burgess, advised the parents that it was their duty to assist their children in the preparation for school.

“Make sure punctuality is a must and ensure that there is communication between you and the school [for your ward’s sake].”

To the graduates he said: “Success is not gained by raw talent. Nothing is impossible, perseverance seldom fails and it is okay to make mistakes, but learn from your mistakes … take personal responsibility because it is by your responsibility that your are successful.”

Principal of the school, Anthony Graham, told the lads to be honest, truthful and courageous.

“Be a leader and not a follower, be thoughtful because the person we belittle today turns out and helps us tomorrow… Be respectful, be diligent, persevere and try to be humble and give God thanks also. Be patient and be tolerant of other people’s ideas.”

Valedictorian of the school and head boy Daniel Rowe will be going to Harrison College in September. He encouraged fellow graduates to excel, strive for excellence and remain focussed on their school work — in spite of the challenges that are sure to come their way. (MR)

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