Age limit

cropover2013reggiecavestalkerMature people are being sidelined from jumping on Kadooment Day.

Veteran bandleader Reggie Cave made the assertion during an interview with Barbados TODAY.

“Bands have eliminated an age group from 35 up to 60 years. Bands do not cater for the mature. Years ago, when Kadooment first started you would find people 50 year, 60 in bands because they dressed more conservatively.

“A woman 40 or 50 with grand-children, are not going to go out there with a bikini and beads strapped around her. [ They] have children and grandchildren they want to respect [them], they’re not going to dress like that on the streets.

“The older folk are not joining bands because there’s nothing for them to wear. I try to cater to a cross section so I have whole pieces, I have skirts and strange enough, those costumes were the most popular, … it is the one that everyone is going for,” he said.

The Veteran bandleader noted that bikinis were for teenagers and the people who are 25 who have got “bodies to show off”.

“That’s not what mas’ is about. The whole concept of Caribbean mas’ has been lost. It is now about sensuality and a body thing, it’s not about depicting you or your culture in a costume. It’s not the costume now that is of the importance, it is who is in the costume. THey’ve turned it around because year’s ago it was what you were wearing as your mas’, or you were parading as not it’s who is parading in the skimpy things. It is not about the costume any more,” he contended.

Cave also gave an insight into how he started in Kadooment.

“My father was a wire bender who used to construct different things. He made furniture, Christmas trees, baskets and lots of craft. I learned a lot of techniques from him. My mother was a seamstress as well as a floral decorator so I picked up a lot of ideas from them and the creative aspect of it seems to have been in me. It’s just that I didn’t do those things but I transferred them to the costumes.

“When I started out my mother was very involved in my band, actually the first band I did she actually sponsored me every cent,” he said. (DS)

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