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Most Outstanding Students Daren Murray and Kryshara Layne.
Most Outstanding Students Daren Murray and Kryshara Layne.

Performing above the national average and bringing along slower learners was highlighted as one of the achievements of the Eden Lodge Primary School today.

Principal Sandi Worrell drew attention to these two aspects of the school’s success, as she delivered her report at the school’s graduation ceremony this morning at the Lester Vaughan School.

Worrell also paid tribute to the hard work and dedication of teachers and other staff members, stating: “I take this opportunity to thank the entire staff complement for their dedication and diligence in preparing the graduating class of 2013.

“Every teacher in some way has contributed to the development and progress of each graduand before us today and has tried to inculcate in them lifelong skills.”

She then stated: “Our results from the Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination were very favourable. Our performance in Language Arts has continued to improve over the past six years and each year we have surpassed the national average.

“This year we exceeded the national mean in Language Arts by 3.2 per cent with an average of 67.76 per cent. The highest mark in Language Art was 95 per cent, with 11 out of 82 students receiving below 40 per cent.

“In Mathematics, we exceeded the mean by 5.99 per cent. The highest mark was 98 per cent with only 20 students receiving below 40 per cent. I am extremely elated that we at Eden Lodge Primary are continuing to accrue passes at the lower level of the class fours. This emerging pattern says that with the right tools and diligence at all levels, more of these students can achieve their goals.

“I am cognisant, however, of the fact that readiness is an important factor in a child’s learning and that some children develop later than others. Although this is so, I tend to concur very strongly with the psychologist Bruno, who echoed the sentiments, ‘A child can learn anything once it is well structures’.”

The principal also admonish parents to remain supportive of their children through their secondary school life by being an integral part of their experiences.

“You presence should be felt,” she said. “Know your child ‘true and true’. Do not pay lip service to the saying “I know my child” just to get him or her off the hook, but you must stand aright. Listen to your child, learn to recognise the danger signs and seek the appropriate assistance in a timely manner.

“Far too many children come to school with chips on their shoulder and built up hostility. Children will mimic or imitate what is seen, hence be a good example in thought, word and deed.”

Kaleah Walters, was presented with the Adowa Roberts Memorial Trophy, while the most outstanding girl was Kryshara Layne and the most outstanding boy, Daren Murray. Murray also copped the first ever FirstCaribbean International Bank Student of the Year Award. (RRM)

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