What is true beauty?

We are witnessing day by day what the world says beauty should be. We see it on the television, in magazines and newspapers.

But what really is true beauty? Is it what is seen from the outside or what comes from the inside? I believe that true beauty comes from within.

We can make-up ourselves, put on the nicest clothes but if we have a bad attitude towards life and others then should we still be seen as beautiful in the eyes of others? When you can help someone who is in need or give back to your community in some way, to me that is beauty.

We have become a society that has become caught up in the way we look and not concerned by how we act. Being seen in the latest brand name clothes are what most of us live for. We hear every day of how hard it is to live in Barbados but yet still some of us can be seen with weaves costing almost $800 and clothes for almost just as much but yet just to pass and say ‘good morning’ has become a thing of the past.

Some of our young people are not concerned by how they dress and leave nothing to the imagination of others. Some are spotted going to fetes with the shortest of skirts that unfortunately if something drops from them they are unable to pick it up. The worst is yet to come on Foreday Mornin’ when some persons believe that is okay to dress as slack as possible with some persons walking the streets with underwear and just fish net stockings.

Some of us have become so tolerant to this slack behavior that we sit in the public transportation as we commute to work every day and say nothing when the drivers play music with derogatory comments or offensive words that should not be played on public transportation. When will we as a society say enough is enough?

So again what is true beauty? It is not the clothes you wear but the things you do? Sometimes you can meet a person who others may say is not beautiful or handsome but can have the kindest heart. That is what true beauty is all about.

Take away the expensive clothes, shoes and weaves and then what are you left with? We must all try to improve the way we think and act. A positive attitude or personality goes further than gorgeous makeup or expensive clothing. It may be hard to believe but most persons are attracted not to what you look like but your personality.

So take a moment today and look into the mirror and ask yourself who really am I or what do I want to portray. Self analysis will always be the best remedy for any situation. Always remember how we truly feel about ourselves is shown by the way we act, dress and speak!! Have a wonderful week ahead!! bigbeautifultony@hotmail.com

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