Sir Roy: Stop elderly discrimination

sirroytrotmancountweoutTrade union boss Senator Sir Roy Trotman is concerned about discrimination in Barbados, including against the island’s senior citizens.

As he announced that his Barbados Workers Union was planning to establish a special facility on property it owns in St. Michael to get the elderly to pass on their skills to younger Barbadians. The General Secretary said it was not right for the elderly’s rights to be ignored.

“There are all forms of discrimination that we are being faced with from time to time and this level of discrimination we hear about is discrimination that we need to be very careful to take note of,” he said.

“When there is this question of discrimination that we cannot properly take care of then the question of fundamental human rights, the question of the right to live free of discrimination becomes a major one.

“Aging increases the demand for the effective exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms,” he added. Speaking in the Upper House during debate on the White Paper on Aging, Sir Roy also called for “adequate protection”, especially in relation to preparation for retirement and retirement benefits such as pensions and income security.

“I believe that in our preparation for appropriate decision making mechanisms arising out of the passage of this resolution, that we are going to have to ask our governments, now and future governments, as we continue to build on this paper to ensure that … there will be adequate protection in the areas that the paper seeks to address,” he said.

“Pensions, earnings, title deeds, the whole gamut of things which persons are likely to find being treated as risky commodities because aging brings all forms of dementia with it, and because of that there could be difficulties which we have to take very great care to protect one way or the other. (SC)

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  1. Carl King June 27, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Maybe there should be an Association integrated into BARP, BWU or FTC eg to represent the elderly without having to pay the exorbitant membership fees but rather a smaller fee like union dues, somewhere where they can have their concerns heard and addressed.

  2. Tony Webster June 27, 2013 at 10:16 am

    One of the shocks sustained during during my grammar-school days, is the unfairnness and blatant discrimination visited upon me, when I was “kept-down” in 5th form, while almost all of my colleagues, were promoted to 6th-form studies. True, I had paid scant regard for doing both school-work, and home-work, but I had a natural, in-alienable right to enjoy my young days, n’est-pas? Such utterly shameless behaviour has continued, post-schooling: I now see that there are (nameless) people driving shiny-new “Benzes”, and “Beemers” , while I am evidently condemmned to forever drive my 10 year-old Almera. Worse, I note with alarm, that there many privileged people, (some, would you believe, being Bajans!), who own virtual palaces, at Port St.This, and some at Port St.That; quite apart from all others already resting comfortably in Those Heights, and some at Other Terraces.

    Fortunately, Religious Instruction was a yet a legit subject at my Grammar-School, and somewhere deep within…I recall an injunction that Thy Shall Not Covet” thy neighbour’s “anything”. Also enveiled aginst, was sloth; and one was specifically admonished, to regard those industrious ants. Very successful ants; worthy of some emulation. And of just rewards.

    “The U.S. Supreme Court recently struck-down any and all statutory attempts to “positively discriminate” – even where these are (were) ostensibly based on a desire to put right, past grievous wrongs.

    From my little perch, I have witnessed many attempts, to legislate human behaviour; to force upon the citizenry, “equality” , both in tangible and intangible terms. In addition to those proverbial certainties, ( Death and Taxes) I will bet all the money which I have not in the bank, that each one of us breathing bajans, will ALWAYS be different, and special, and wonderful…if given the freedom and the initiative to exercise the opportunities which life itself gives to us. And we shall always see the faces of the poor, as well as the dimly lit ladies up there on Bush Hill. No matter how much we spin the presses of the government printery.
    No, I didn’t know they had put up brights lights up there now. How did you?


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