QEH not unreasonable

All medical graduates have the same problem in finding a spot in a teaching hospital to intern and complete a residency to be licensed eventually in their speciality.

A general practitioner is normally one year residency while others will go to three to five years. A Fellowship can also occur in the final year.

In Canada we do not have enough teaching spots for new doctors out of medical school so interviews are extensive and doctors travel all over Canada to find that residency opportunity. Majority succeed while others travel and work in other countries.

I’d imagine one cannot assume QEH can provide all those spots so one would have to broaden one’s horizon for those hospitals looking for residents — one does get paid a salary and benefits.

QEH said: “I’s a complex issue that requires a lot of coordinating. We have decided to grow the enrollment in tandem with hospital beds across the region, not just in Barbados, so the possibility of placement in other places exists for our medical students.” That’s not unreasonable.

— Robert Holloway

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