Huge scrap metal yard fire

Smoke billows from scrap metal fire.
Smoke billows from scrap metal fire.

NASSAU — A massive fire raged at Strachan’s Auto Repair and Radiator on Soldier Road last night, threatening nearby homes and businesses.

The thick smoke from the fire billowed into the clouds and could been seen from miles away.

Residents gathered near the site of the fire, taking pictures and running for cover when something in the fire popped.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Seymour said the fire started sometime after 5 p.m. and firefighters were unsure of the circumstances surrounding the fire’s cause.

A man and woman whose apartment was mere inches from the fire stood on the apartment’s roof with a garden hose, attempting to fight the blaze.

“I’ve been battling the fire for an hour,” the man said, who did not wish to be named.

He said this was the second time he had to fight off a fire from the scrap metal site.

Garden Hills Member of Parliament Dr. Kendal Major said this was the fourth fire at Strachan’s Auto in as many years.

“Persons have been complaining that this particular business ought not be here because this is the fourth time it has happened,” he said.

“So we need to do something about that.”

Major said he was going from corner to corner in the area talking with police and residents.

“The fire is a raging inferno,” he said.

“It is showing no signs of letting up.

“We are a bit limited in fire trucks it appears. Two trucks are here, and we are expecting one from the airport, but it’s not here as yet.

You can see from the base of it that it is extremely hot and billowing in smoke and growing very, very rapidly.” (Nassau Guardian)

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