Hope key to success

Valedictorian of the St. Joseph Primary School, Rajahni Marshall.
Valedictorian of the St. Joseph Primary School, Rajahni Marshall.

Keeping hope alive may sound like a cliché but it is very relevant for today’s society — and that message reiterated yesterday at a rural primary school’s graduation ceremony.

The St. Joseph Primary School, which held its formal function the Grantley Adams Memorial Secondary School, Blackman’s St. Joseph with the Reverend Lorton Moore as the featured speaker.

He stressed that it was important to keep hope alive because of how difficult life may become from time to time with its various twists and turns.

“[Hope is important] because life is difficult and ability, talent and goals are not enough… The ability that transports these to a successful end is hope — without hope there is no promise for the future and life has no meaning…

“It does not matter how talented you may be. It requires something more than skills or talent. You need purpose — that is what hope provides. There are many boys and girls who lack that drive and fall out by the way.

“Do not let that happen to you. I know you have a solid foundation. You have received some good food here and I am not referring to school meals, but spiritual food,” Moore added.

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