Big plans for fund

jeffbroomeslaysdownthenewlawsofparkinsonSomething is definitely happening at Parkinson Memorial Secondary School since Jeff Broomes assumed the office of principal of that institution.

And earlier this week two members of the business community turned up at the school and made monetary contributions to the school’s Benevolent Fund.

In a brief speech before the presentations, Broomes announced that from the beginning of the next school term each student will be asked to contribute $2 a term to the fund, while old scholars have already agreed to contribute $5 a term, and he will be contributing $100 a term to the fund.

Broomes argued that no student should be prevented from attending school because he/she does not have a uniform, shoes, lunch money or bus fare. He told the students assembled in the hall that as a youngster he too benefited from benevolent assistance to achieve his goal in life.

The principal announced that the fund would be managed by the school’s guidance counsellor and the identities of the beneficiaries would be kept confidential.

In making his company’s contribution to the fund, Business Development Assistant of ProSecure Distributors Ltd, Tristan Sandiford, said his company was proud to be associated with forward thinking initiatives geared towards the development of all youth.

Sandiford said his company viewed as important, education for all as integral to the continued development of Barbados, and maintained that the proposed fund spoke to the core values Barbadians treasured.

Sandiford explained that the fund ensured that students were provided with the various essentials needed to excel in their personal and academic development. He stressed that the financial assistance would not just be for the academic year 2013/14, but for a period of three years in the first instance.

Sandiford further announced that the company would offer discounts to students, their friends and parents at their store in Hincks Street, the City, and assured that ProSecure was committed to building both a friendship and partnership with the school.

Meanwhile, Zola Alleyne of Career Development Institute, before presenting a check on behalf of her company, said the institute sought to empower people and change lives by offering quality education in practical disciplines.

Alleyne said her company believed that Barbadian students needed support and encouragement, as well as equal opportunities to realise their true potential.

“If the Barbadian business community commits to supporting schools and other organisations that influence the lives of children, we would be one step closer to ensuring that Barbados remains a safe place to live and work,” she added.

Alleyne announced that from September 2013, fifth formers at the school would have access to the company’s discount card. (NC)

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