Welcome Blake

Baby Blake

At about 2:23 this morning, Barbados TODAY welcomed its newest addition to the family, its baby Blake, son of reporter Kimberley Cummins.

Scheduled to have gone on maternity leave at the end of this week, Kimberley went into labour while at home yesterday when she would have been preparing for work, and delivered her bouncing, healthy baby boy, weighing just under five pounds, in the wee hours of the morning.

Up to Friday, having been confined to working from the office ahead of her scheduled leave, Kimberley’s last story was More Creativity: NCF CEO Calls For More Research Going Into Themes and Concepts of Bands, published as the Crop- Over entertainment cover story, and said she looked forward to reporting for work as usual yesterday.

Fully expecting and hoping for a July delivery, Kimberley was in for a surprise last night at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital when her third son determined he was not about to comply with her schedule.

Barbados TODAY congratulates Kimberley on a successful delivery and are happy to report that both mother and baby are doing well. (LB)

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