No buyer after a year

bereanbiblechurchAbout a year after putting it on the market for sale, the Berean Bible Church bordering the bustling Baxters Road, in the City, has still not found a buyer.

Head of the church, Reverend Ronald Trotman told Barbados TODAY this afternoon, they had hired a broker last year to secure the sale of the property, but he was unsuccessful.

“So we decided to put ads in the paper,” said Trotman.

A “for sale” sign had also been posted outside the building at Passage Road, St. Michael.

“People have been calling all the time to find out how much it would cost, but no cash has been forthcoming as yet,” he noted.

He said that in the meantime, construction of a new $2.4 million church complex will start at the end of this month or early next month. Trotman disclosed that the new assembly would be built on four acres of land at Hothersal Turning, St. Michael, to replace the existing one, which he explained had outgrown its usefulness.

“We have four acres of land at Hothersal Turning which we will build a new church on because there is no room — no room for the kitchen, no room for the junior church. We met with the engineers on Saturday and we will begin to build at the end of this month, or early next month,” he announced.

The religious leader pointed out that the new complex would include a choir room, a junior church and a sick bay.

“The choir will have its own room in which to practice; we will have a sick bay separate from the main church. The last time somebody was sick, the ambulance officials had to pass through the church while the service was going on. There will also be a junior church, where service could be held simultaneously by the juniors and the main church,” he stated.

Trotman reported too, that the sanctuary, which would include a balcony, would seat a total of 400 worshippers, 150 more than at the old church.

“As money comes in, we also plan to build a senior citizens home. So we have the old church building up for sale.

“The sanctuary is projected to cost about $1.2 million and the additional buildings another $1.2 million. Once we have started, it should take between six to nine months to complete the church.”

The Berean Bible Church has one more branch in Grazettes, which had been operating there for the past 17 years. Thepastor said the only other affiliate had been located in St. Peter, but that had since joined with the Grace Bible Church on Paddock Road, the Garrison.

The Berean Bible Church is a breakaway from the First Baptist Church in Barbados. The existing assembly at Passage Road had been spreading the gospel there for the past 56 years. (EJ)

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