Lil’ Rick the Thunder Cat

mr. crop over the spotlight in the otherwise lacklustre tent

If Mr. Crop-Over Lil’ Rick was a member of Solo Stray Cats calypso tent, his moniker could very well be Thunder Cat.

He stole the show, mashed up the Town Hall at the upscale Crane Resort and Residences on Friday night and left the patrons buzzing.

Staff from the Crane who had just finished their shifts, came into the venue to hear him sing Waistline Energy, I Like Muhself, Wine Um Down and Behave Pun It. He was energetic and had the back-up singers in awe at some points of his performance with his movements.

But other than his performance at the beginning of the second half of the show, the tent, which had better opening nights over the last three years, was lacklustre.

It seems that someone forgot to tell the members of the tent they were opening and only five of them — Sobe, Dilly Don De Cheerman, Vince, Phoenix 5, Kaddafi, and Concrete who closed the show with his party song Jump It — showed up.

He got carried away though when he took off his shirt and proceeded to dance (?) around the room.

De Cheerman’s Reparations of What was solid and if there is one person from the tent who has a shot at landing a place in the Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-finals it would be him. His second song is Tribute to Vagina is an interesting one.

Sobe, did three songs, Horn, Republic and Nail In De Wood a party song while Vince performed Soca Patsy and Bibadee, the latter provided a bit of humour as he looked at the costumes revellers jump in on Grand Kadooment.

The one redeeming quality about soca artist Kaddafi is persistence. Every year he seems to improve a little more although he should try not to attempt any wuk-ups and sing.

Tent Manager Jerry Big Boar Cat Roberts, who also did not perform, told Barbados TODAY that all the member of the 20-year-old tent will be ready to face the judges tomorrow night at the same venue.

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