Gov’t committed to human resource development

Esther Byer-Suckoo
Esther Byer-Suckoo

Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the development of Barbados’ human capital.

The pledge was made when the Ministry of Labour hosted a Human Resource Development Strategy “Orientation Seminar for Entrepreneurial Bodies”, at the Warrens Office Complex this morning.

Labour Minister, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, gave the assurance that Government’s priority was to ensure “that Barbados has the capacity to mitigate the effects of the international economic environment [and] our human capital remains the key ingredient, our “secret ingredient”, so people are at the centre of our growth and development strategies.”

She noted that the HRDS, which was being facilitated with assistance from the European Union and other development partners, featured specific targets. These include: the development of a Competency Based Education and Training System to provide relevant, accessible and higher quality education and training services; and the promotion of a research culture to enhance the potential for the development of new technologies resulting in the production of more local products, with additional benefits to include easier access to financing for small and micro-business entrepreneurs, and an increased number of persons pursuing self-employment opportunities.

Outlining the public sector’s participation in this effort, Byer Suckoo said: “The implementation of this Strategy will include capacity building and educational programmes which will result in a better trained civil service capable of providing more effective services to the public.”

She added that this was in line with the objectives of Barbados Action Team’s Efficiency Working Group, which had identified short-term measures to improve civil service efficiency.

These goals could not be achieved without the establishment of specific standards, however, with the Labour Minister noting that “the need for improved standards in the delivery of education and training, and for certification, will be the outcome of our efforts to develop a National Qualifications Framework”. She further noted that the strategy also promotes the Caribbean and National Vocational Qualifications to facilitate this effort.

The strategy also delves further and addresses the creation of a comprehensive knowledge management system, to allow for more effective labour market planning and the delivery of more market relevant educational programmes. This would provide policymakers with access to current information on the labour market, while career planning experts would have useful information to provide students and job seekers with advice on job opportunities and career paths.

“The HRDS has the capacity to sustain Barbados and Barbadians for many years,” Byer Suckoo maintained. “All that is further required is that all the stakeholders in the process remain committed to realising the targets set, and the objective — that of improving the overall coordination, and quality of delivery of human resource development in Barbados — will be assured.”

The Barbados HRDS features five pillars: The creation of an enabling environment for human resource development through institutional strengthening and capacity building; the development of an internationally recognised national qualifications framework; the development of demand-driven professional development and training services; the rationalisation of knowledge management systems and improved information access; and the enhancement of research to improve innovation, entrepreneurship, and development capacity.


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  1. Tony Webster June 26, 2013 at 6:08 am

    May I firstly acknowledge, that the BT reporter has understandably only provided “perceived highlights” of the Minister’s address. This is likely a great blessing, as having read, and re-read this article several times, I would like the Hon. Minister (or the hapless reporter charged with making sense of such a “Magnum Opus” of Gobbley-Gook), to state in very simple, short words, and without inventing any more “sophisticated” acronyms, the following;-
    1. Exactly Who is to do What, and by When?
    2. If anything is to be done at all, which Minister(s) will carry the responsibility for “success” (or for failure)?
    3. Please provide an estimate (to the nearest million) of any costs attached to each new effort/adventure; and source(s) of such “funding”.
    4. How might the efficacy of each new policy effort, be measured? If the date by which the expected success will arrive, is likely to exceed the period for the next General Elections, please so state.

    If you think I exaggerate, I challenge any Bajan parent who is now greatly concerned (ie, worried sick) about their child’s education and employment opportunities, to read the final paragraph above to their teen-aged offspring (even four or five times) ; to explain it; to answer any questions the child may may pose; and if the child does NOT steupse at the end of it all, I will give that teenager my Canon 20D camera (with a lens, battery, and memory-card) gratis, so that, at least they will have a chance of a career…in photography! Reply C/o Hon Editor; I shall require the successful teenager to attempt answering the four questions above in writing, and to similarly attempt a definition for “knowledge-management-systems”. The successful youngster’s efforts will framed and offered to the Hon. Minister, for “guidance”. (I will ask Hon.Editor to apply his own brand of “ADR”, to decide on a “winner”).

    Meanwhile, most Bajans will continue use common-sense; to encourage their offspring to seize educational and other opportunites; to give of their best in all endeavours; to be enterprising; and in dire need, to scan the horizon for employment opportunities. And adults remaining here…will “cut-and-contrive”. And to pray.


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