Draughts tournament gets underway

sportsdraughtsplayersdeepinconcentrationThe 2013 Barbados National Draughts Tournament got underway on Sunday and after round 4 defending national champion Ronald “Suki” King is again showing superb form as he defends his national championship leading the pack in group B.

This year’s event has seen the largest number of masters on record and because of the large numbers that division has been split into two groups of ten players each. The top two finishers in each group will advance to a semi-final round on Thursday, and the winners of the semi-final round will play in the final on Friday.

The semi-final losers will play for third position. Participating in the tournament is Michael Holmes from the US. Holmes has held sixteen state championships in the USA and the Draughts Association has expressed its delight that Holmes has journeyed to Barbados to play in the competition.

The tournament takes place at All Souls Church Annex, Holligan Road, Bank Hall and starts daily at 6:30 p.m.

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