Calypso circus

celebration time present its offerings with extra entertainment for guests

by Tonia Husbands

To a moderate crowd, the Celebration Time Calypso Circus opened its doors at the Plantation Garden Theatre on Saturday night.

Patrons entering the Christ Church venue, were treated to circus clowns, a Mother Sally, stilt walkers and a green monkey that fit in with this year’s theme.

It was former Party Monarch, Khiomal, who opened the show with his song for 2013 De Recipe. However, he failed to liven up the audience with his energetic performance.

There were many first timers to the stage who all did a commendable job, with Phenomenon who sang Soca Army being the only artist to be given an encore. Dressed as a soldier in an army he commanded the stage.

An excellent addition to the lineup came from veteran calypsonian and former Road March king Ras Iley, who, accompanied by dancers, sang Dey Coming Down which depicted the sight of bands as they made their way down to Spring Garden on Kadooment Day.

Cooper Dan also joined the lineup with his popular tune for 2013 Question of the year.

Special mention must be made of Barry Chandler, who after an exit from the soca arena has come back with a remix of Carew’s Snakes accompanied by 3M7. He also sang a ragga soca song titled Crop Ova.

One of the only genuine traditional social commentary performances of the night came from former Junior Monarch queen AC who did an excellent rendition of People Selling Their Votes and The Struggle.

However, there was a strong message from The Specialist who encouraged the audience to stick with One Partner. Rameses Browne told the audience we were Privilege to have Crop-Over, the sun and many other things that we take for granted and that everything was O.K.

Mr Ink got one mature member of the audience to show how she move her Bumpa Waistline, which brought some laughter from the mostly quiet audience. TSI, the only member of the cast in the Sweet Soca Semi-finals told the audience to Don’t tell nobody.

Closing off the just over three and a half hour show was Kirk Brown with his song Frenzy. Other acts for the night included Queen T, Joaquin, and Richard Antonio.

MC for the night, Ishiaka McNeil, kept the audience well entertained with his depictions of fellow calypsonians, along with some gifts.

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