Bringing down the house

performers pull out all stops at opening of de

big show

by Wade Gibbons

De First Citizens/Digicel Big Show got off to a fabulous opening at the Plantation Theatre last night.

There were several defining moments on an occasion that was totally pleasing, but if there was one performance that stood out Serenader’s rendition of Sofony In C Minor would have to take top honours.

Serenader has always been one of the purest singers in calypso with a tone to envy but last night he seemed to out-do himself with this rendition. The arrangements of the song done by Leston Paul and the delightful interpretation by the tent’s band must be heard to be appreciated. It is the type of selection that one is inclined to dance to, but yet remain afraid that by doing so one could possibly be distracted from absorbing the essence of the tune’s syncopation.

It is when caught between whether to move or simply close one’s eyes and listen that one is likely to realise, ‘Damn, this is good’. It is the kind of reaction that Kitchener’s classic Pan in A Minor has had from day one.

In the first half Serenader, dressed to kill in a body-fitting red dress, had the crowd in stitches with his Pulling Down which looked at some women’s propensity for wearing the shortest and skimpiest of outfits only to labour trying to create cloth where there is none if they have to perform any function other than remaining still.

When this calypso treasure gets fully au fait with the lines of the song, which he missed on a few occasions, he will be even more of a riot as the season progresses.

Classic is an excellent addition to the tent and immediately impressed with Big Words and Somebody Got To Tell Them.

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